Trot till you… eat Thanksgiving dinner! | RACE DAY: Upland Turkey Trot Recap

I realized it’s already been two days post race, and I have yet to share my experience from possibly one of the difficult 5ks I’ve ran as of recent!

Thursday morning started out cool, but it was hot in no time. Seriously, by 7:30 am it was already hot. I realized how hot I was going to get my wearing my Forever 21 running pants – which reminds me…

If I have to do a clothing review, I DO NOT like these running pants from Forever 21! They seem to always ride down in the first couple of minutes of my run, and then, they fit snugly. I have no idea why. It’s SO annoying! I have no idea why I decided to wear them to this race, knowing full well that they would ride down. I had wore a long sleeve tech shirt, and upon realizing that my pants would ride down and my butt crack would most likely distract a lot of people behind me, I changed into the race shirt that was given to me when I picked up my bib that morning. After I changed, I felt comfortable with the fact that the shirt covered a good deal of my butt area. REMIND ME TO GET NEW RUNNING PANTS.

Anyway, back to the race. This was the first time I had ever ran in the beautiful city of Upland. The park was right at the base of the mountains, and it was gorgeous.  A little before 8, we all had to walk up the street to the actual start line. At exactly 8, the race started – along with a lovely lady in a turkey costume. I can’t even imagine how HOT she must’ve been inside that thing! Anyway, the whole beginning part of the race was downhill, which was great. However, my pants were riding down, and I had to pull them up so I looked like I was doing a jig. Not great.

After my pants settled, we turned a corner and from here on it was flat. I managed to take a gorgeous shot of the street.


I had been pacing myself with this woman running with large headphones. Wherever she was, I tried to catch up with her. We appeared to be going at a good pace. I even managed a glance on my app; in the first mile, I was running an 8:22 pace!!!

And then, as quick as my pace was, the quicker it slowed down when we turned a corner and we started going uphill. Phew. On that street, my pace climbed up to around 10:30. Some people started to slow down at around this corner too. Some men and women were running with strollers and were struggling to push them up this hill. Ugg. I was tired myself, but I was still next to the girl with the headphones, so it was all good.

We turned a corner again and the street was flat yet again. I used this time to store my energy to prep for the last few meters of the race. There was finally a water station – it was already so hot by this time!

We turned another corner shortly after, and there it was: the hill. The hill that I did not prepare myself for. I should’ve known, especially since we were at the base of the mountains. I tried. I really did. But I just couldn’t. Midway up, I just started walking, in large steps. I have not walked a race since high school – hell, I didn’t even walk up the hill when I did the half in SF! I think because of the fact I was running so much faster all throughout, I was just wiped. I said goodbye to my sub 28 minute finish time as the girl with the headphones breezed on up the hill. I took it that she had ran this race before, and was especially prepared.

When I neared the top, I resumed to running again, and by then we were almost done. 200 meters later, I finished with a time of 30:03. I was a bit disappointed since I was so close to hitting at least the 29 min. mark, but damn. Whatever. I went up that hill. I was running an 8:22 pace. That was already something for me.

I so badly wanted to place in my age group again. When the results came up, I found out I came in at 110 – as for the age group, if I had looked correctly, I actually was in the top 5. Sadly, the bling was only reserved for the one that came in first.

Oh well, at least I got a shirt!

A cute little photo booth they had! Took this right after I finished. Can't see the sweat!
A cute little photo booth they had! Took this right after I finished. Can’t see the sweat!

Post race, they had a LOT of food for us. They had water bottles, bananas, orange slices, two types of Clif bars, Nature Valley Bars, Sea Salt Crackers, Vitamin C Supplements, mini boxes of Reeses Cereal… there was so much! I took a couple more of the bars to save for later. 😉

When I got home, I finally saw what was inside the goodie bag – pretty generous plethora of stuff, I say. There was even a reflector that’s definitely going to be useful!

Three of those Clif bars were extras from post race!
Two Clif bars and the bag of crackers were extras from post race!

All in all, it was a great race, and a great way to make some room for the dinner I was going to have that night.

Will I run Upland again next year? I’m not sure. Maybe I should just sign up for the 5k held a block away from me sooner. 🙂

I hope that everyone has had a great Thanksgiving weekend so far! I went Black Friday shopping yesterday, and managed to get a bunch of soap from Bath and Body Works as well as a pair of khaki pants I really needed from Hollister.

Maybe I should go back for some new running pants. 🙂

Till next time,



Fit weekend!

At least I think so.

Now that it’s the start of the (albeit, short) week, I’m already feeling lazy, thinking about having to wake up tomorrow early to get a run in. Meh. I’m thinking of just going to the gym after work again. 20 minutes on the treadmill + weight lifting? Sounds good to me!

After being so busy these past couple of weekends, I’m really happy that this past weekend I didn’t do s***! I apologize for the profanity, but really though. It felt nice to just relax, run a couple errands here and there, and just not do anything. I didn’t have to drive to LA, I didn’t have to drive to Pasadena, I didn’t have to move or unload heavy things. For my introverted self, I needed my down time, and I finally got it.

On Saturday evening, I went to the gym to try out the elliptical, which I really enjoyed! It was different from the elliptical at my old gym, because there were actually handle levers. I also tried out the built in TV…. and ended up watching a cooking special for Thanksiving. Now I know how to handle mashed potatoes correctly. 🙂

On Sunday morning, I decided to go for a longer run. I realized I haven’t had a run over 4 miles in forever, due to me being so busy on the weekends! I missed my LDR days, and even though I only did a 10k, it felt so good! I felt rejuvenated! As much as I’ve liked running shorter and faster 5ks (or trying to, at least), I liked taking my time (ish) and running a longer distance. I guess, balance is key? :p

In non-fitness related news, I’ve also found that I’m becoming more interested in lipstick. I’m a makeup fan myself, but I hadn’t experimented with darker lipstick colors until recently. I think it’s because it’s Fall. Anyway, if I’m not reading Runner’s World or looking up home ideas on Pinterest, I’m watching lipstick reviews on Youtube. What an idea it would be if I became a running / makeup blog… ha!

Anywhoo, just realized that my 5k is on Thursday! I only wish that I could pick up my race stuff earlier than the morning of race day..

Hope everyone’s having a good start to the holiday so far!

Till next time,


Closer to the mountains: amazing views, struggling through the incline.

Cheers to me, I managed to get up at 6:45 this morning to get my 4 mile run done!

I seriously don’t know if it’s just winter is coming and all, but it’s been so much harder to get out of bed lately! I noticed a trick to this though: since my boyfriend always loves setting the heater so it’s all warm and toasty inside, I decided to crack one of our bedroom windows open so we can get some cool air in. I think that did the trick. It wasn’t too toasty, so I wasn’t too comfortable. 🙂 I actually woke up at 6, and tried to sleep in a little longer before my alarm rang.

It was about 47 degrees once I got outside and I was so cold! I had wore my capris (which are pretty much pants for me because of my 5’1 frame) and a long sleeve tech tee, but I was still cold even after mile one! Brrrr!

I changed up my route a bit today, and went uphill for a mile longer, and I was so tired! I still had a pace within 10+ minutes, but still. Probably not the best way to do it, running uphill not too long after waking up. My legs still needed to warm up! While living closer to the mountains has its perks, it’s definitely a bit tougher. The city I used to live in was relatively flat, so this is proving to be a challenge, even though it’s not too high up!

Hello, fishy!
Hello, fishy!

I’m planning on running a 5 miler or a 10k sometime this weekend, probably Saturday morning. I have a dinner date with some girlfriends tomorrow at Boiling Crab… which I will definitely be needing to burn off!

Till next time,


2 workouts this week, 2 more to go!

So this week, I’ve really been trying to stay on track. On Monday, I ran, and last night, I kept my word and went to the gym to use the weight machines for 45 minutes..

And whew, I have to say I’m a tad bit sore!

But it feels good. On the machines where I had to use my arms, it was tough. As I’ve mentioned before, I absolutely have no upper body strength. I spent some time doing some pull downs, chest presses, rowing, as well as some free lifting with the dumbells. Of course, due to the lack of strength, all the weights I tried were 20 lbs. and under. 😛

I found that the machines I used for my legs were significantly easier. Duh. I sense some unbalance here. I used the leg press, leg extension, leg curl, and the leg adduction / abduction machine.

Okay, so I definitely had to look up the names for these specific machines because I am nowhere near familiar with these machines, with the exception of a few. At least I had the gym to myself last night, so I didn’t embarrass myself when I had to figure out how to work some of them. Ha.

For dinner last night, I made some chicken brocolli bake. While it looked good, I was a bit meh about it. I had to cut myself some slack though because it was my first time making it. I know now to cut the chicken into smaller pieces, and use something other than cream of chicken because I did not like it. I might omit the rice too next time: the texture reminded me too much of porridge, which I do not like. I sprinkled some french onion on top, and honestly, that and the brocolli were my favorite part of it all.

It still looked good though, at least!
It still looked good though, at least!

Also, because I had been contemplating which race to run for Thanksgiving, I finally decided on one a town away – mainly because it was only $25 AND I was guaranteed a shirt. If I was getting no bling, I at least wanted a souvenir. Sadly, the 5k closer to me had a higher registration price (I missed it before the prices went up!) and it wasn’t guaranteed I would be getting a shirt, so boo. Oh well. The 5k I ended up signing for is actually right near the mountains, so I’m pretty excited for how that course is going to look like!

So hooray, I have my next race next week! Which means… I need to really get some running time in before next Thursday! No excuses!

Till next time,


2 workouts for the past couple of weeks… Does “moving around” count?

These past couple of weeks have just left me physically drained.

After work, I come home to cook dinner, clean and put away stuff at the apartment, and enjoy the little time I have left to relax until I have to go to sleep and do the same thing all over again. These past couple of weekends, I have been moving, cleaning up, and traveling to see friends.

I. Have. Been. So. Busy.

And I’m so exhausted. On Sunday, I just had to sit and take a break after running errands all day, then cleaning the apartment again right after. I feel like I haven’t even had time for myself at all.

I knew that I just had to make time for a run.

I haven’t had a run in since Thursday, and also missed my Saturday run. I decided to get up extra early today to get some miles in. One thing that sucks about moving a city away? The longer commute. I’ve suddenly appreciated the days I’d wake up at 7, run for an hour, and be back in time to get ready and get to work in 5 minutes.

I haven’t ran early in the morning in quite a while now. My workouts have been later in the morning, or in the evening. I didn’t realize how cold it’s gotten now! I was actually pretty chilly, and it took a while for me to warm up! I decided to do a quick 5k – the original route I planned last week. Though I absolutely loved the route, my allergies + the wind were just killing me. Regardless, I ran in pretty good time and maintained a 10+ min. pace throughout.

For dinner, I was really craving some vegetables. My boyfriend and I went to the supermarket to pick up some food for the week. I ended up roasting some potatoes and asparagus in olive oil and baked some fish (Alaskan Cod) on the side. I absolutely love roasted potatoes, so to me, that was the main dish. 🙂

After work tomorrow, I’m planning on using my 45 min. workout day towards lifting weights at the gym. There’s a lot more variety at the new gym, and I can’t wait to try the leg press!

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start so far!


Working through the work week, and GREAT news!

So I managed to complete my workouts for the work week! Hooray for finally getting back on track!

I had Tuesday off for Veterans Day, so I decided to roam around the town and see what was around. I planned a 5k route, and went on my way.

It was a really nice, overcast morning – as it has been all week. FALL has finally reached SoCal! Not long after I started my run, I ran into my fellow runner neighbor! She was just finishing up her 10k route, and after catching up a bit we parted ways.

I turned a corner and I found myself in the Claremont Colleges. It was such a beautiful area! I couldn’t help but snap some photos along the way.

FullSizeRender (14)

FullSizeRender (12)

FullSizeRender (13)

I find it really awesome that I live near such a beautiful college campus! What’s interesting is that the graduate school that I had always been interested in attending, Claremont Graduate University, is in this area as well. Perhaps during my next run, I’ll plan a route so I would be able to check it out!

Meanwhile, I got so distracted admiring the scenery that I missed the street I was supposed to turn on, and went a bit down further. My 5k run ended up becoming a 4-miler! What’s funny is that it didn’t even feel like I ran 4 miles. I guess that’s just how it feels when you run in a completely new area, and you’re more exploring than working out!

ALSO: after I had gotten back from my run, I checked my voicemail since I had missed a call during my run. It turns out, a booth had opened up for us at the Frankfurt trade show! After being on the wait list for months, I can finally officially say… I’M GOING TO GERMANY IN FEBRUARY!!!!! My dream is finally coming true!!! The trade show is in exactly THREE MONTHS, which means my coworker and I have a lot of planning to do! AND I have to get to practicing my German again! Weee! I’m so excited!!!!!

Phew. Okay. Now that’s out the way.


Today, I had a 20 minute tempo run to do. I found it really hard to get up this morning, so I saved my workout until after I got home. After my boyfriend left for his class, I decided to try the new gym, since I still haven’t gone!

Hello, beautiful.
Hello, beautiful.

I ended up having the gym ALL TO MYSELF. YES. I ran on the treadmill for 20 minutes, faster than usual, so I could get 2 miles done within the time frame. I don’t think I’ve ever ran that fast on a treadmill before. Sometimes, I amaze myself. After my run, I went on the weight machines for a bit – need to work on the arms, after all.

Afterwards, I gulped a cup of water down and headed to the yoga room to do some stretches.

Hi there!
Hi there!

THIS. GYM. IS. AMAZING. Since this gorgeous facility IS included in my rent, I might as well utilize it. The treadmill is perfect for speedwork, and I can also work on my upper body. Let’s just say, I might be hitting the gym more this winter…

Meanwhile, I am now showered, relaxed, and full after gobbling down some yummy Pad Thai for dinner. 🙂

Friday tomorrow!

Till next time,


Let’s get a move on! Really!

Excuse my lack of posts – I’ve been busy for the past couple of days packing and moving!

My boyfriend and I finally got the keys to our place Saturday morning, but we had done a lot of our packing mid-last week. Why is it that when you are in the process of moving, you realize just how much stuff you really have? It’s ridiculous!

Anyway, our new apartment is gorgeous. I’m absolutely in LOVE with our place! And our views! We live on the third floor in the newest unit in the complex. Everything is brand new! I’m especially in love with the kitchen, and the washer and dryer! Now I can wash all of my workout clothes sooner than later! 🙂

Panorama of the view from our patio!
Panorama of the view from our patio!

We only moved up the street, but it’s a different city. My 5 minute commute to work is now about 15 minutes, which isn’t bad but still; I’m going to miss getting to work in 5 minutes!

I haven’t gotten a run in at all since last Tuesday, and the last time I hit the gym was on Wednesday. Honestly though, after this weekend and all the lifting I did, I think the labor constitutes as my workout. No complaints there. I needed some work on my arms anyway. This past weekend took a lot out of me: after moving in all day on Saturday, I had to head to LA later that night for the Hardwell concert with one of my close friends. It was amazing! (Side note, EDM is GREAT for running!)

Since it’s Veterans Day tomorrow, our office is closed. Since I’m off, I’m just going to continue unpacking and tidying up. For the most part, we got a lot of everything done over the weekend. It’s finally Fall (at least this week) in SoCal, and this morning it was actually freezing! So, since it is optimal running weather, I think I’ll go for a quick run around the new town. It’s been a week! I’ve missed running so much! I also still have yet to try the gym! Well, once we’re all settled I’m going to get back to the old routine yet again.

Till next time,