Another week, another path, and a new pair of shoes… finally!

Alas, I have finally got my new pair of Brooks Ghost 7’s, and quite frankly… I LOVE THEM!

Well, that’s what I said about the Ravennas… but, after two pairs of Ghosts, I’m thinking that I’ll love this pair all the same.

Aren't they gorgeous?
Aren’t they gorgeous?

I ran 3 miles with them on the treadmill, and they held up well: none of my feet became numb, and I definitely felt the support. I am definitely dependent on the crash pad that the Ghosts have. With this new pair, I heard how heavy my feet fell on the treadmill. It was then that I knew [for sure] that I hit the ground hard. No wonder the midsole is always the first to go! On my previous pair, the little nubs in the middle were rubbed all the way down!

I felt great afterwards too. No aching whatsoever. However, I’m doing a morning 5k on Saturday so I can to try them out on the road as well. My 10k is already on Sunday, so I definitely need a proper trial before then!

Speaking of my 10k, I’m a bit nervous. I haven’t really been training hard, mainly just running and weight training to keep fit. I haven’t worked on speed at all: I feel like all I want to do is to just straight up complete it. That’s it. And I think that’s a good enough reason right now, especially since I haven’t ran a real 10k race yet. I don’t know what to expect, or how I’ll feel throughout when I’m actually racing. I think that once I get through this first one, I’ll be better prepared for my next.

So this weekend’s objective: to FINISH! 🙂

In other news (and I’ll make it short because I’ve had the tendency to ramble on about this lately), I have decided to apply for graduate school online, for a Masters of Arts in History. I’ve been researching online grad schools for quite some time now, contemplating between an MS in Library Science or an MA in History. I feel that both will definitely help me get into the field I’ve always wanted to be in, and I’ve decided to go ahead with History because it literally has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I was already hesitant that I didn’t complete a History BA, and the only notes I’ve kept since high school were all in history (and my German notes in college, too!). I realized that I might as well shoot for something that I’ve always been wanting to do as well something that would really help me get my foot in the door.

And I know people tend to turn heir head sideways at those that want to pursue a graduate education outside of law, science, or medicine, but all I say is: you get what you make out of it. I know in the end I’m not just going to sit there with a history MA: I’m going to KEEP doing something about it.

With that said, I plan on applying in May to start a session in June. I figured 5 months would give me some time to get everything together and really see (since this would be a hefty addition to my financial responsibility) if it’s finally time to get that degree in History. The program is only 3 semesters long with 1 week of residency at the college’s campus in Vermont!!! Wouldn’t that be a sight to see (and possibly run in!)? 🙂

Anywhoo, that’s about all my updates for the week. I didn’t get my scheduled workout in today unfortunately, so instead I’m planning on doing some weight training tomorrow and then my 5k on Saturday. In the meantime…


Till next time,



New miles, new shoes, new goals!

In all fairness, yesterday was my rest day so there was no “first day, first run of the year!” for me. :p

I had been on the hunt for new shoes lately, but at a budget price. What better time than to get it at the beginning of the year? There were so many sales and I had been window shopping online to get an idea of which shoes would’ve been a good fit. I only realized that I needed new shoes because 1) the middle outsole of my shoes are completely flattened, which meant it didn’t support well enough any longer, 2) I was really fatigued from my 10k last week and my legs and hips ached, and 3) I had reached 300 miles with my second pair of Brooks Ghost 6’s. I don’t rotate shoes – which is bad, I know – and those shoes have got me through half-marathon training since June.

Yep. Definitely needed new shoes.

I was at Sports Authority and I had my eye on the Nike Revolution 2’s. I’ve been interested in trying out a Nike running shoe, but sadly nothing I tried on seemed to have the support or the lightweight feeling that Brooks always gave me.

Next, I went to the Asics and I was about to get a pair of the Gel Exalt 2’s for $40 – until I thought to myself, if I’m going to go over my budget and buy shoes right now they better be at least good quality shoes that will last me a couple of months again. Plus, the Gel Exalts felt really narrow and stiff – I knew it wouldn’t work well for my feet.

SO, I ended up not getting the Asics and went to Dick’s Sporting Goods to try on some Brooks shoes that were on clearance (with an additional 25% off!). I spotted a pair of Ravenna 4’s that were a size smaller than my usual size, but fit just right regardless. The comfort, the width, the support, everything was perfect… SO I BOUGHT THEM!

Meet my new babes:

FullSizeRender (22)

I was also a big fan of the color and the bright green laces! It reminds me of… Maleficent. I shall my new shoes Maleficent.. heh.

Overall, I was excited to get a pair of new Brooks for under $60! Still saved money!

Once I got home I had to try it out – I was due for a run anyway. I went on the treadmill and ran 3.5 miles: my first official miles of the year!

The shoes were great, I did experience a bit of numbing to I have to loosen the laces a bit for my right foot… but I’ve found that no matter what shoe I get, the first couple of times one of my feet get numb. Once they’re broken in, they’re fine. Does anyone else have this problem? I know my Ghost 6’s made my foot numb the first couple of uses, and then they never did again.

I’m sad to retire my Brooks Ghost 6’s.. that pair got me through my first half marathon! I’ll still keep it around for walking around or doing cross training, so at least they won’t completely be unused. 🙂

I’m planning to do a 5-6 mile run this Sunday. I’m excited to try out my shoes on the road for the first time!

Hope everyone’s having a great start to their weekend!

Till next time,


Running Stuff / Rave Review: YurBud’s Race Case

Seeing as I’ve been running with this beautiful for thing for a good two and a half weeks now, I figured I’d finally do a RAVE REVIEW on Yurbud’s Race Case for the iPhone 5! 

This case caught my eye from an issue of Runner’s World magazine earlier this year, because 1) it looked awesome and 2) it wasn’t an armband! Prior to getting this case, I’ve been using an armband, and I am no fan. Since I use two running apps AND Google Music or Spotify for my music, I need to have easy access to my phone. I hate having to take off the armband or twist my arm in a weird way just to be able to navigate my way through. Once I did some research on Yurbud’s Race Case (and all reviews were positive), I knew I had to get one. 

As the product description says on the website, the case features “a breathable silicone hand strap with ambidextrous design, the Race Case allows you to easily access your phone while running or walking. The exterior shell and dual layer honeycomb provide sweat and impact protection. This case is compatible with the iPhone® 5 and is designed for both active and all purpose use. Inspiration in the palm of your hand so you #neverstop pushing forward.” (source,

Once I got in the mail, I realized that it was much cooler in person! I expected it to be a tad bit bulky; after all, it does have to protect your phone if by chance you drop it during a run.

photo 1 (6)

The inside: red honeycombed texture!
The inside: red honeycombed texture!
The silicone hand strap in the back.
The silicone hand strap in the back.

The silicone hand strap is fairly durable and stretchy. Because of the way the strap is positioned, it might feel more comfortable for those that are right handed. However, I’m a leftie myself, and I certainly have no problem carrying it on my left hand. The case in its entirety is fairly smooth to the touch. It’s fairly pleasant to have in your hand!

I’ve taken this on all my runs since I’ve gotten it, and it has not let me down. My hands do tend to get sweaty when I run, but since the material is breathable, it’s not a problem. After 2 1/2 weeks of use for running and enduring all of my salty sweat, the case is holding up well and still looks good.

The Verdict: GET THIS PRODUCT. If you aren’t a fan of armbands and prefer to hold your phone during a run, this is the case for you. At $30, you protect your phone as well as having a handy dandy running sidekick.

You can order this phone case online only on their website here, seeing as it’s not available in stores. They are also available on Amazon, and I actually ordered the case on Amazon since shipping was cheaper.

(I was not compensated for this product review… just had to write about how awesome it is!)