Darn it – I missed my 10k run. Also: yoga.

With a good reason. At least, I think so.

Yesterday, I had plans to go out and eat Korean BBQ with my friends for dinner. Since Saturday was my cross training day, I still managed to get an interval workout done on the elliptical with some weight lifting afterwards before I got ready. Of course, I had a plan to run a 10k earlier this morning, but sadly, that did not happen because I got immensely stuffed with Korean BBQ and soju shots. I had consumed so much meat that the alcohol did not even hit me.

But, I remind myself that it is alright, seeing as it is not something I consumed so often. I had a great time with my friends for my early birthday celebration. 🙂 I ended up getting some wonderful gifts from them as well and I was so surprised because I wasn’t even expecting anything! I’m extremely humbled.

I went to bed knowing that I would be sleeping in. And so, I slept in. And I was a bit sad when I saw that it was optimal running weather at 9 am… sigh.

To make up for the lack of run time today, I’m planning on getting a run in tomorrow morning. Let’s hope I wake up. Either way, I want to run, whether it’s before or after work.

As a part of my itch to try something new since it’s almost my birthday, I’ve been looking into taking a yoga class to finally try it out. I’ve mentioned it before, and I haven’t gone through with it. Although I love running, I’ve just been wanting to give it a shot. I’m a little shy to start out at a yoga studio so I wanted to ask those that do yoga: how do you like it? What do you think about taking a yoga class? Do you prefer to do it at home yourself, or with a class? 

I’ll continue to look into it more, and if so, maybe I’ll try a class next week! I’ve already found a couple around my area that allows a free class for first timers.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend. 🙂


Week recap!

I’ve been sticking to my routine!

On Tuesday, I did my favorite HIIT workout on the treadmill. Went at a comfortable speed for my fast 30 seconds: 6.0, and then 5.1 for recovery. I felt really good afterwards – a nice jolt of speed was just enough!

Today, I decided to go outside and run after work instead of hitting the gym again (which means Saturday, I can sleep in and go to the gym for my cross training day!). It was such a beautiful day! It finally cooled down, and it was a nice and breezy 75 degrees during my run. Took it nice and easy and maintained my pace: still a good 10:30, my usual “easy” pace.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I’m not usually an evening, after work runner, but lately, it’s been fitting my schedule better. Since I live a little further, I don’t have to rush during my mornings if I can get my run in at the park right after work!

Can you believe it, tomorrow is Friday again! I felt as if this week went by super fast. I’m excited though: on Saturday, I’ll be having some yummy Korean BBQ with some girlfriends for my early birthday dinner. Next weekend, I’ll finally be visiting my family! I haven’t traveled to see them in a while; the last time I saw them was for my half marathon! I’m so happy to be able to spend my birthday with my family, especially my Mom, who has the same birthday as me! 😀 It’s going to be hard to get a run in, especially after eating so many yummy food, but I’m determined to at least run a mile on the day of my actual birthday. Gotta celebrate another year of being fit!

I hope that everyone’s had a great week! TGIF – we’re almost there!

Till next time,


6.2 miles and getting back in the habit


So yesterday, I had planned a 10k run in the morning. I promised to take my time, and run just to run. Lately I feel like I haven’t been looking forward to running when I had to run outside, and I think it’s because I always expect myself to go faster than I should.

Which, I shouldn’t.

I mean, I didn’t used to always care. I used to just go out there and run. When I was half-marathon training, I loved my long, slow runs. I could take my time, listen to music or an audiobook, see the sights, and take it easy. What happened?

It was then that I realized I stopped having fun with my longer runs, and it made me not look forward to them anymore. This past January when I was training for my 10k, I felt like I had to be fast: I ran fast uphill even though I knew I shouldn’t, which led me to not want run any route that involved going uphill.

After my run yesterday, I kept telling myself, run slow, don’t worry about the time, and don’t rush. I ran a slow time of 1:08 and took my time going uphill… and guess what? I loved my run! I see now how important it is to remember to have fun doing whatever it is you’re doing, otherwise you’ll just not want to do it! I’ve lost sight of that, but now I remember again.

With that said, I’m going to start my old routine and run / cross train Tues, Thurs, Sat and Sun. I’m going to be at the gym during the weekdays (since I just don’t have time since I’ve moved, especially before work), and running outside Sat. and Sun.

I’ve also been planning a goal for myself for this year. Last year, finishing a half-marathon distance was my goal. Now that I have that under my belt, I’m thinking of not just doing the one half-marathon in September, but another one later on the year. That means TWO HALF-MARATHONS. I feel like I’ve done enough smaller races… maybe it’s time to step it up a notch? 😉 I’d definitely have something to train for, now!

Always love seeing this little fishy during my 10k runs!
Always love seeing this little fishy during my 10k runs!

Hope everyone has a great Monday ahead!


I got it at Ross!


Last night, I got my run in after I finished work – just a 5k around the old park, for old time’s sake. But damn, it was HELLA windy! When I ran against the wind, I felt as if the wind was pushing me back. Definitely had to add more to my efforts.

Last night’s run also reminded me of how I should ease off running on the treadmill. Granted, there’s a lot of factors as to why I’ve been running on the treadmill more than running outside. For example, lately, my allergies have literally been killing me. I have an attack right when I wake up. For the past week, I’ve been taking an allergy pill right when I get up; let’s just say that it doesn’t take effect right away, unfortunately. Another thing is that since I’m living a bit further from work, I don’t have as much time in the mornings to run as I did before… I mean, I could wake up earlier…

I also feel as if I just don’t feel as safe in this new city. I mean, it is safe, but still. I think I’ve just been so used to my old town, and I know all the streets and where they go by heart. Maybe I do just need to run around and familiarize myself even more.

All I know is that it’s getting a bit difficult running outside. Maybe I’m running too fast too soon, maybe it was just the wind, I don’t know. What I do know is that I need to get back on track. That 5k next month is my motivator; the next, the half-marathon I’ll be signing up for at the end of the month.

With that said, I wanted something to get myself excited for the next run. Today, I decided to go find NEW RUNNING PANTS – finally.  I know I had mentioned before that I would be purchasing some running pants from Asics, but that sale came and gone. I went to Sports Authority and fell in love with some Nike Pro capris. I didn’t fall in love with the price, though. I decided to take a look at Ross next door and scored a nice pair of Adidas capris which felt exactly the same. I LOVED IT. AND THE PRICE TOO.

Yaaaa new pants! Can't wait to try them on my run tomorrow!
Yaaaa new pants! Can’t wait to try them on my run tomorrow!

It was pretty much half the cost of the Nike pants. With that, I bought some storage boxes for the house and some dark chocolate from Ghirardelli. The total? Still less than the Nike pants.

Patricia: bargain hunter.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!


TGIF! (Last night was curry night.)

It’s finally Friday!!!

In fitness related news, I recently found out that the Vegas trip I’m planning with my friends was pushed back two weekends… which means, I was able to sign up for an Easter 5k I’ve been wanting to do! Woot woot! I realized I haven’t ran a race since January, so even if it’s something small like a 5k, I’m excited!

Last night, I finally got to work out – I rode 6 miles on the bike + intervals. It was a solid workout, definitely feel my thigh muscles burning today. After work today I’m planning on running an old 5k course at the park. I figured I haven’t had a run yet enjoying the benefit of Daylight Savings Time so why not?

Also, last night was curry night. I made it with:

  • 1 bottle of Trader Joe’s (what do you expect by now? Really.) Red Curry Sauce
  • 1/2 lb of ground turkey
  • 1 bell pepper
  • 1 pack of mushrooms, chopped up

It was a really quick and easy dinner, and my boyfriend and I ended up eating it with rice and Garlic Naan from TJ’s as well.

Picture doesn't do it justice... it was really yummy! Didn't even have anything to bring for lunch today!
Picture doesn’t do it justice… it was really yummy! Didn’t even have anything to bring for lunch today!

Hope that everyone has a great Friday ahead!

The Snack File: Trader Joe’s Vanilla Almond Clusters

Well, of course it’d be another Trader Joe’s item. I haven’t done a SNACK FILE in so long, I figured I might as well do one with one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast!

If you’re a fan of Honey Bunches of Oats, then you’ll definitely become a fan of this yummy cereal! IMO, it’s actually better than HBoO because it has larger, crunchy clusters and larger, crunchy flakes! Meaning – you will be satisfied with a small portion in a small bowl.

The cereal is a tad bit on the sweet side, so to even it out, I typically add some tart fruit to it: strawberries or blueberries. This cereal also tastes amazing with bananas… as of course, bananas and almond go well together!

At around 210 calories per cup, it’s not a bad option for breakfast and refueling and I guarantee you that you will stay full until lunch time! A much better option than a bagel and cream cheese, because those make me hungry within an hour!FullSizeRender

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? 

A weekend run, allergies, and museum fun!

This weekend came and went so quickly – I would like to thank Daylight Savings Time.

I also did a lot of house beautifying this weekend: I finally put up curtains in our bedroom! Next project is the living room. Although, TIP: don’t get your curtains at Target – get them at Ikea instead! At least you’ll purchase a PAIR of curtains for the same price you’ll find at Target.. possibly better options too. I’ve learned my lesson.

Anywhoo, in running news, I finally got to try out a new route I’ve been wanting to do. It went extremely well: it was a nice, flat run and I finished in no time: it was about 3.25 miles total. I actually planned a 10k around this route, but I had first wanted to see how that side of town was like. It wasn’t too bad, so I think I’ll explore a little further until I feel like it’s comfortable enough to run a full 10k in. 🙂

I ran for a total of 33:15. Not too bad, considering I started my run at around 9 am and it was already sweltering hot by the time I finished. Ugh. THANKS, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. My allergies were also killing me this whole weekend. Spring is definitely near.

I also didn’t plan to run for too long, since I had a 5 mile hike scheduled the next morning. Unfortunately, my running buddy who I was going to hike with got sick, so I didn’t end up going on a hike. I ended up sleeping in after she had let me know our plans were cancelled.

However, my Sunday wasn’t over yet. I had a trip to the Norton Simon Museum with my boyfriend later on during the day since he had to do some work for his Art History class. Of course, I was excited, especially because I FREAKING LOVE MUSEUMS. AND OLD, CLASSICAL ART. It was amazing.

I got to see so much beautiful works of art, including pieces from Van Gogh, Degas, Raphael, Matisse, and even Picasso!

Here were a couple of my favorites:


These two pieces are by Van Gogh!
These two pieces are by Van Gogh!
"Young Woman in Black" by Renoir
“Young Woman in Black” by Renoir
"The Black Shawl" by Matisse
“The Black Shawl” by Matisse

Overall, it was a great day. We spent about 3 hours at the museum and totally lost track of time. Afterwards, when we finally got home, I made some steak and baked sweet potato for dinner. So yummy!


Tonight, I have a run planned out on the treadmill. I’ll most likely be running for time again: 40 min.

Which reminds me, I have a question: do you run for time, or do you run for miles? In your opinion, what’s better? 

I feel like I shouldn’t always be focusing on the miles. Running for time is just as important, isn’t it? After all… you’re still running. 🙂

Happy Monday!

Till next time,