Race Day Recap: Peter Cottontail 5k

So today was my first race back since January… and it went great!

First off, I did not even get a run in until yesterday after work! I did my favorite HIIT workout on the treadmill to work on my speed, but I took it easy. I can honestly say that I feel like doing yoga for the past week definitely helped my posture and core. I felt really good after my run last night. I ended up finishing the night with Day 3 of Adriene’s “30 Days of Yoga” Challenge – which by the way, I highly recommend, even for the beginner!

After the gym, I also received the most recent issue of Runner’s World in the mail. YES!

The race started at 7 am, which meant that I had to get up early today, 5:30 am, to be exact.. and I haven’t gotten up this early in so long. It was tough. After a cup of black coffee and some cereal I headed out the door.

The race was held by a local organization, so there weren’t too many people; probably under a hundred runners. It was held at a popular trail in my area, which was nice since I haven’t ran it yet! Since there were still a lot of people coming in a little late, we didn’t start until about 7:15 or so, which was fine since I needed to warm up a bit.

I went into it with a clear head: I was just going to go my own pace – a comfortable pace – and just finish it. I didn’t want to look at my app to see my pace per mile or how far I had left to go. I really just wanted to run it. Since I haven’t ran outside n a while, it was nice that there was a dirt trail next to the paved path. Running on the dirt trail definitely was easier on my legs!

I ended up finishing in 30:28 for 3.16 miles – not too shabby, averaging at a 9:38 pace! They haven’t released the official times yet, so I’ll keep you all posted – I’m hoping it’s actually lower than the time recorded on my app, hehe!

And there you have it – I have my Easter bunny medal! Whoo hoo!


Once I got home, I already had to get ready for a museum day trip for a friend’s birthday: the Getty! I was super excited since I had never gone, so it was great to finally check it out! The museum nerd in me was absolutely in love!

View of the city from the Getty!
View of the city from the Getty!
Trying to imitate the sculpture! As you can see,  I'm working my core! ;)
Trying to imitate the sculpture! As you can see, I’m working my core! 😉

Overall, today was a great day. Reminded me of how much I’ve missed running – however, I will point out that after my run, my allergies had been bugging me all day. That’s one thing I didn’t miss.

Till next time,



Back, and finally 24!

Excuse my lack of posts – I’ve just gotten back from visiting my family over my birthday weekend. Since Thursday, actually. It’s crazy how fast time flew!

I landed in Sacramento early Thursday morning, and managed to get some work done at my Dad’s house while I was waiting for my sister. The rest of the weekend was a mix of eating, spending time with my family: nieces, nephews, Mom, Dad, Stepmom, Stepdad, etc… more eating, meeting with a friend, working from home, catch up sessions with my sister, watching movies, and eating again.

Granted, I managed to have some time for a short yoga session on Friday and a longer one (over an hour!) yesterday afternoon.

Needless to say, I brought my running shoes and did yoga instead.

Since I’ve been back, I’m committed to getting back on track with my eating – not that I ate a lot, I just ate a bunch of Filipino food, which can be really good but really unhealthy. :p I’m straying off coffee and flushing myself with tea. So far, so good. I’ve had two cups of yummy green tea with honey today and my energy levels are pretty good!

I’m determined to keep myself strong at 24. 23 was a good year: I’ve never ran so much miles in my life. I feel like my goal now is to keep at it: to get and to continue to stay strong. Now, it’s becoming a mix of yoga and running, and I’m quite liking it!

I’ve been bad. I haven’t ran since last Monday. I am, however, planning a run tomorrow just to get used to it again. I’m planning on a 40 minute run tomorrow, and then some speed work on Friday. I didn’t realize that I already have my 5k race coming up this Saturday! I’m excited: I haven’t raced since January and it’s been forever! I’m not even going to try and shoot for time: I’m just going to go my own pace, and have fun. I’m really trying to not be so hard on myself when it comes to time since (as I’ve mentioned in my previous post) it stresses me. So with this race, I shall run it and conquer it, and cherish my newly obtained bunny medal. 🙂

Till next time,



TGIF! (Last night was curry night.)

It’s finally Friday!!!

In fitness related news, I recently found out that the Vegas trip I’m planning with my friends was pushed back two weekends… which means, I was able to sign up for an Easter 5k I’ve been wanting to do! Woot woot! I realized I haven’t ran a race since January, so even if it’s something small like a 5k, I’m excited!

Last night, I finally got to work out – I rode 6 miles on the bike + intervals. It was a solid workout, definitely feel my thigh muscles burning today. After work today I’m planning on running an old 5k course at the park. I figured I haven’t had a run yet enjoying the benefit of Daylight Savings Time so why not?

Also, last night was curry night. I made it with:

  • 1 bottle of Trader Joe’s (what do you expect by now? Really.) Red Curry Sauce
  • 1/2 lb of ground turkey
  • 1 bell pepper
  • 1 pack of mushrooms, chopped up

It was a really quick and easy dinner, and my boyfriend and I ended up eating it with rice and Garlic Naan from TJ’s as well.

Picture doesn't do it justice... it was really yummy! Didn't even have anything to bring for lunch today!
Picture doesn’t do it justice… it was really yummy! Didn’t even have anything to bring for lunch today!

Hope that everyone has a great Friday ahead!

Quick updates through the week

I’ve decided to put down my Nintendo 3DS for a second (currently obsessed with Pokemon Alpha Sapphire – yes, I am a Pokefanatic and have been since I was 10) and update you all on what’s new this week!

This past Sunday, I went on a short run with one of my new runner friends! We ran a 5k around a trail close to our apartment complex while we caught up on a lot of things. It was really nice running with someone else for a change, and it really makes the time go by faster!

Later that evening, I went on ahead to sign up for the Reindeer Romp 5k – the same race I had ran last December! The race is taking place this coming Saturday, so I’m pretty amped. I’ve never tackled two 5ks in such a short amount of time before! Well, at least not since my cross country days. 🙂 Plus, I’m excited for the medals: each year, they have a medal as an ornament featuring one of each reindeer. Too cute, but still too bad that I missed the first year’s medal: Rudolph!

In other news, IT’S FINALLY RAINING IN CALIFORNIA! Earlier this morning, all I heard on the news concerned the rain. I had gotten an early start to the day and woke up at 6 am. It wasn’t raining just yet, but I decided to run at the gym anyway because I didn’t want to get soaked! It was a good decision to do so, because by the time I finished on the treadmill, it was pouring

Meanwhile, it’s T-minus 4 days till race day!

I hope that everyone’s week is going well so far!

Till next time,


Trot till you… eat Thanksgiving dinner! | RACE DAY: Upland Turkey Trot Recap

I realized it’s already been two days post race, and I have yet to share my experience from possibly one of the difficult 5ks I’ve ran as of recent!

Thursday morning started out cool, but it was hot in no time. Seriously, by 7:30 am it was already hot. I realized how hot I was going to get my wearing my Forever 21 running pants – which reminds me…

If I have to do a clothing review, I DO NOT like these running pants from Forever 21! They seem to always ride down in the first couple of minutes of my run, and then, they fit snugly. I have no idea why. It’s SO annoying! I have no idea why I decided to wear them to this race, knowing full well that they would ride down. I had wore a long sleeve tech shirt, and upon realizing that my pants would ride down and my butt crack would most likely distract a lot of people behind me, I changed into the race shirt that was given to me when I picked up my bib that morning. After I changed, I felt comfortable with the fact that the shirt covered a good deal of my butt area. REMIND ME TO GET NEW RUNNING PANTS.

Anyway, back to the race. This was the first time I had ever ran in the beautiful city of Upland. The park was right at the base of the mountains, and it was gorgeous.  A little before 8, we all had to walk up the street to the actual start line. At exactly 8, the race started – along with a lovely lady in a turkey costume. I can’t even imagine how HOT she must’ve been inside that thing! Anyway, the whole beginning part of the race was downhill, which was great. However, my pants were riding down, and I had to pull them up so I looked like I was doing a jig. Not great.

After my pants settled, we turned a corner and from here on it was flat. I managed to take a gorgeous shot of the street.


I had been pacing myself with this woman running with large headphones. Wherever she was, I tried to catch up with her. We appeared to be going at a good pace. I even managed a glance on my app; in the first mile, I was running an 8:22 pace!!!

And then, as quick as my pace was, the quicker it slowed down when we turned a corner and we started going uphill. Phew. On that street, my pace climbed up to around 10:30. Some people started to slow down at around this corner too. Some men and women were running with strollers and were struggling to push them up this hill. Ugg. I was tired myself, but I was still next to the girl with the headphones, so it was all good.

We turned a corner again and the street was flat yet again. I used this time to store my energy to prep for the last few meters of the race. There was finally a water station – it was already so hot by this time!

We turned another corner shortly after, and there it was: the hill. The hill that I did not prepare myself for. I should’ve known, especially since we were at the base of the mountains. I tried. I really did. But I just couldn’t. Midway up, I just started walking, in large steps. I have not walked a race since high school – hell, I didn’t even walk up the hill when I did the half in SF! I think because of the fact I was running so much faster all throughout, I was just wiped. I said goodbye to my sub 28 minute finish time as the girl with the headphones breezed on up the hill. I took it that she had ran this race before, and was especially prepared.

When I neared the top, I resumed to running again, and by then we were almost done. 200 meters later, I finished with a time of 30:03. I was a bit disappointed since I was so close to hitting at least the 29 min. mark, but damn. Whatever. I went up that hill. I was running an 8:22 pace. That was already something for me.

I so badly wanted to place in my age group again. When the results came up, I found out I came in at 110 – as for the age group, if I had looked correctly, I actually was in the top 5. Sadly, the bling was only reserved for the one that came in first.

Oh well, at least I got a shirt!

A cute little photo booth they had! Took this right after I finished. Can't see the sweat!
A cute little photo booth they had! Took this right after I finished. Can’t see the sweat!

Post race, they had a LOT of food for us. They had water bottles, bananas, orange slices, two types of Clif bars, Nature Valley Bars, Sea Salt Crackers, Vitamin C Supplements, mini boxes of Reeses Cereal… there was so much! I took a couple more of the bars to save for later. 😉

When I got home, I finally saw what was inside the goodie bag – pretty generous plethora of stuff, I say. There was even a reflector that’s definitely going to be useful!

Three of those Clif bars were extras from post race!
Two Clif bars and the bag of crackers were extras from post race!

All in all, it was a great race, and a great way to make some room for the dinner I was going to have that night.

Will I run Upland again next year? I’m not sure. Maybe I should just sign up for the 5k held a block away from me sooner. 🙂

I hope that everyone has had a great Thanksgiving weekend so far! I went Black Friday shopping yesterday, and managed to get a bunch of soap from Bath and Body Works as well as a pair of khaki pants I really needed from Hollister.

Maybe I should go back for some new running pants. 🙂

Till next time,