Hello, Bakasana.

It’s been a couple days and I already miss having some cardio (ahem, running) in my life.

I mean, just by giving myself a break from running doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop running altogether! I’m actually itching to run a HIIT 2-miler tomorrow morning. I might do just that, honestly.

Also, I think I’m a tad bit excited for the Beat the Blerch 2015 being announced! I heard about this just last year and am making it a MUST do on my running list this year! Signing up.. as soon as I have the funds! With Vegas and Disneyland on the horizon… eek. I just can’t wait to get these trips aside (although I’m looking very much forward to them!!), then save some money + sign up for Beat the Blerch and the Girls on the Go half!

I really have plans to get my butt into gear and get back to training for the half either in May or June.

Another update: I HAVE ACHIEVED THE BAKASANA (in full), or the “Crow Pose”.

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Granted, I can only last about 2 seconds until I can’t take it anymore. BUT STILL. I was absolutely ecstatic! Just two weeks ago (or like, since ever), I could not even try to lift my toes off the ground. My core and my arms were bust. But as of yesterday, I have achieved letting my feet go off the ground!

It’s such a weird – but awesome – feeling to describe. Once I felt confident in myself, looked ahead, took careful breaths, I eventually sank into the pose. Yoga is changing me day by day; I am a believer. I love where I’m headed.

The next step? Mastering the pose. ūüėČ

I hope that everyone has had a great Monday!

Till next time,



With a cough like this, there was no way I could run. (Half-Marathon Training Day 36)

Yesterday, I picked up my medicine that my doctor prescribed for me that would help with my congestion. I took some last night, and this morning I had expelled so much mucus. Gross, yes, but I’m glad it’s all coming out.

However, since Friday my coughs had begun to get worse. It was a deep cough that stemmed right from my chest. I knew with a cough like this, there was no way I could run. So sadly, I didn’t run at all this weekend because of it. I thought I felt better enough last night that I can run 6-miles this morning, but when I woke up I just felt like total crap and was coughing up a storm. There was no way around it.

I’m pretty distraught, because it has now been two weekends¬†in a row¬†that I have not ran.. but I kept telling myself, it’s better to take care of myself now, than ruin myself later. I can miss a couple of days, or I can miss a whole season if my congestion turns into bronchitis.

I’m hoping that I can start running again on Tuesday, but I might have to alter my mileage to accommodate for me running less than I was supposed to. Instead of that scheduled 10-miler next week, I might bump it down to 7-8, and then the weekend after, bring it back up to 10. I know I shouldn’t do too much in too little time. After all, I technically still have two months to train. I can also follow the official Nike Women’s Half-Marathon training schedule, which is actually far behind compared to¬†my training schedule on RunKeeper. I don’t think I start running much longer distances until September if I follow their training schedule! It does make me feel better that I had a month head start of training, at least.

Meanwhile, it’s going to be tea and cough drops for me. Can’t complain too much though. Earlier today my boyfriend and I went out to get some shabu-shabu (Japanese soup) to help sooth¬†my coughing, and now he’s¬†baking some brownies, so I can’t wait to enjoy some with my tea and honey.

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I hope that you all had a splendid weekend!